Thursday, 18 May 2017

Tag A Ray

Summer the season of heat, joy, beaches, family, fun but most of all unique beautiful exotic species of fish come out of hiding after winter. Probably my favorite of these species has to be the ray. There are many different species of ray in our waters the most well known being the stingray, a powerful, deadly giant of the sea floor. I am fortunate to live in Tralee bay where it is believed they breed every year. The shallow water provides a perfect breeding habitat for these amazing creatures. Although they are the biggest the stingray is not the only species of ray in Tralee bay. There is also Thornback ray, Painted ray and Undulate ray. Extensive research is being done at present on the ray in Tralee bay, as they are thought to be unique to the area

To assist with the research Tralee Bay SAC hold a competition every year. Tag A Ray.  Last weekend the event took place and it was its third year running. The objective of the competition is to catch tag and release ray. The ray must be over the size off 45cm across the wings to be tagged. Along with the help of Dr. Ken O' Sullivan we are hoping to get the necessary data for a conclusive result. Both boat and shore anglers take part in this competition.This year there was a great turnout and despite difficult weather conditions there was still a great buzz among the anglers.

 The weekend was tough and I managed to catch 2 good sized ray off the boat. I was delighted to catch a 19lb stingray, a personal best for me. my second fish was a beautiful 7lb undulate ray which was enough for me to win the juniors for the boat. 

Hopefully over the coming months i will get some shore fishing in for these mysterious fish and I  really look forward to next years Tag A Ray to meet friends old and new.



Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Home Nations 2016

When the school holidays arrived, I had planned to write my blog every week...somehow that didn't happen , but I have done a lot of fishing and have been getting through many of my target species this year.

For those that know me or read my blog you will know that I manged to get myself on the Irish Home Nations  Under 16's team.

 The Home Nations took place this year in Norfolk, England at the start of July. On the run up to the event I was Extremely busy making traces, I think the last count was 120 traces to cover most eventualities.

We left Ireland, the port on Dublin on Tuesday at  8am and arrived in Holyhead at midday Then came the 8 hour drive. We arrived at our accommodation and all of us were just  dying to go fish but we had to hold off till the next day as it was late and we had to unpack.

We were woken up the next day at 6 am to get ready for a long day practicing fishing, we packed the rods and boxes into the van and set off for to THE BEACH!!!!!!!!. This was a very difficult venue and we all felt a bit concerned as the fish seemed scarce but at least we had a feel for the place. 

We moved on to the second venue this was called Sutton Bridge THE ESTUARY!!!!!!!!. This is where I caught my first ever Silver Eel, I went on and  had three that night, and they were all of a good size. I enjoyed this venue despite the challenges that came along with it. 

After two good days practicing,  the competition days arrived. After day one our team had done well but we were in third position after fishing the beach. We knew this was going to be the hardest one of the two venues so we went to the 2nd comp with high spirits. The team fished their socks off and we left feeling very hopeful. 

The closing ceremony took place back at the hotel, and we were all clean and back in our green jackets and feeling happy with ourselves but had no idea of the outcome. The results were called and we were delighted to receive Gold. 

It was a fantastic experience and our team were all so enthusiastic. I feel proud to have been a part of the event and now I really have a taste for it. Fingers crossed that I get the opportunity again someday. 

Thanks to everyone for your support and the managers and back up team who looked after us so well.
Also THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored me and Our team sponsors, without your generosity we would not have had such a great result.  

I was home for nearly a week before I felt like fishing again, I was sorta worried i'd lost mojo, but no fear there. Once fully recovered i'm back on the rods again, and have been fishing nearly every day. Yesterday I caught my third species of ray this year, just a painted to go now to get my four target ray for 2016. 

Tight Lines
Eoin Angler
Co Kerry 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Match results Tralee Bay SAC April 2016

On Sunday I fished a competition for my Home club Tralee Bay SAC. It was a great day for me. Here's a great report from the club website 

For more details on our club and website go to

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Banna Beach Competition Match Report

By Eugene Farrelly
Tralee Bay SAC held its 3rd competition of 2016 last Sunday the 17th of April.
The Competition was meant to be on Barrow the Sunday before but due to adverse weather on the day it was called off. This was our second cancellation this year as Mother Nature has been at it again. However summers on its way and things are looking up for us.
Anyway back to Sundays comp, fishing was always going to be hard as conditions were fairly calm with bright skies. The majority of anglers however caught fish in their first few casts, happy days we thought. This was not the case however as the fish just disappeared, from most pegs.
Eoin Foley was the only angler catching fish and putting all the senior anglers under pressure. Troy and David O Sullivan were catching a few flounder on the higher pegs. The rest of the beach was fishing very poorly and after 3 hours Eoin was miles ahead of everyone.
11198967_10204905637173116_92396763_n (1)
The last hour things started to change and John Osbourne on peg 1 started catching a few small turbot and flounder. It looked like it was going to be Johns day, I myself Eugene Farrelly also started to get a few. I was still a few fish behind John until one of those crazy casts when I pulled in a treble flounder followed by a single. Poor John was sick as it was enough to win the comp.
Tag A Ray is coming up very soon 7th and 8th of May and this year looks like it will be the best one yet. RTE’S nationwide will be filming on the Saturday this year which is great for the event. There are only a few boat places left so first come first serve.
The 2nd leg of the Munster’s is taking place in Waterford next Sunday and the club wishes all our talented anglers taking part in it all the best.
North Kerry Sac are hosting the Munster open this Saturday 23rd of April. All club members should try their best to support the event as it’s great to have such a prestigious event in Kerry. Best of luck North Kerry Sac the weekend.
Results of the Banna Beach competition
Junior Results:
1st Eoin Foley 153pts.
2nd Finn Healy 59pts.
3rd Sean Clifford.

Senior Results:
1st Eugene Farrelly 175pts.
2nd John Osbourne 125pts.
3rd David O Sullivan 108pts.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spur Dogs with Wicklow Charters

On the 16th March we finished school for St Patricks day and Easter.

I got in from school on the Wednesday night to find out that I would be fishing in Wicklow the next day. We left home at 5 am and headed North, to arrive at 8.30 am to meet Kit Dunne who was taking us out on his boat Wicklow Charters. It was cold but sunny and myself, Dad and our friend Evan along with some others set out for the day. When we got out of the bay the boat started swaying with the swell. We were hoping for Spur dogs, but the swell prevented us from reaching the mark, Kit made the decision to wait it out in hope that it would settle down, so we staying fishing for a while catching dog fish. Sure enough, he was right and in the afternoon it became calm and we were able to move. As soon as we got there we dropped a line and within seconds Evan was in with the first specimen Spur dog of the year. The fish was measured, weighed and released.

We continued to catch Spur dogs for the next hour and it was fast and furious with everyone on the boat catching at least one. There were 9 out of 12 fish caught were specimens. I didn't manage to get a specimen but thoroughly enjoyed catching what I did.

Kit is a great skipper and really tried his best to give us all a great day out, he went well over time while waiting for the weather to calm down and get us what we went out for.

Im hoping to go out with Kit again and would recommend anyone wanting a great day out to go out with him. Check out his facebook page click on this link for more information.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

February Fishing Antics

The last few weeks have been hectic. It seems to have been a very bust year so far and I have been out fishing rather alot. 


At the start of the month I went on a small midweek night session with a good friend of ours in Cork
we had lots of cod, no monsters but it was great to see the rod tap cast after cast. 
We had a Club comp mid Feb. It went ahead as an orange weather warning for wind approaching, it started off OK but as they first hour past, tripods were blowing over and it became very rough. Just as my favourite rod broke the comp was called off. 
At the end of the month, I was really looking forward to the The Irish Angling Show which I really enjoyed. There was lots to see and do with talks from some top anglers from Ireland and The UK. Jim Clohessey did a talk on Sea angling and species and at the end of the talk my friend Evan McGovern was awarded species hunter of the year for 2015, with an amazing 42 species. 
 At last I  got to meet up with a wonderful man known as Noel Griffith, he is one of the ADMIN team of Shore and Boat. 

 There were lots of fun things to do in the main hall where the shops and exhibitors were, including a family area where you were in with a chance to win some fantastic little bits and pieces. I thought there was more choice and better  than last year and there was a buzz going around the place. You can buy almost anything you could possibly need at the show, course, sea, fly and boat fishing. Many of the exhibitors were happy to advise and answer questions. 

At the show I Met lots of people I know, and people I didnt, but knew the names. One of those people was Kit Dunne, he runs a charter boat from Wicklow - Wicklow charter boats he has a very good reputation, and as it happens I am going up to Wicklow tomorrow to go out on his boat, what a great ST Patricks day for me. Watch this space.

On the 28th of February we had our first Munster qualifiers and probably our first sunny day of the year. It was an enjoyable day with the sun shining down, and I was happy to win the U16 s.

Last week we had a club comp at Rossbeigh, The sun was out again, but this time the fishing was slow. As the last fifteen minutes approached I thought I was going to blank. Thankfully I caught a flounder on the last cast, which actually put me in the lead with the youths. I couldn't believe I won with a 21 cm flounder...and YES the fishing was that bad. 

Early Start for me and here's wishing you all A Happy St Patrick's Day and I hope you get out for a few casts. 
Tight Lines 
Eoin Angler 
Co Kerry 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My favorite fishing essentials

We all have preferences on gear. I have lots of different bits and pieces that are my favorite. 
Here are some of them. 
  • My lucky hat- I have had this hat for some time, I believe it brings me luck . I will go fishing without it but if its a competition I just have to have it. When I was going to the Interpros in January, I had left the hat at my Aunties, so we had to do a detour to collect it.
  • Colmic Ranger- I had it for a year and last week I broke it while fishing in a storm. I used it for all my competitions including the interpro's and I loved the action of it and it was a good all round rod. 
  • H20 Rock fish- This light but strong rod is ideal for mini species, off the rocks or piers and slipways. I have caught hundreds of small fish with this and a few bigger ones too.
  • Last year at the Angling show in Dublin, I went to see Jim Clohessy do a talk on lure fishing. I asked a question about rock fishing as I was very interested. At the end Jim came up to me and handed me a box with a small white reel called Pezon & Michel Oceaner. It along with the H20  was a great combination.
  • Behr Waders - after having many pairs of waders I have found the perfect pair for me. They are neoprene waders and they are very warm.
  • Finally I would be lost without my waterproof Vass jacket, it is the heavier of the smocks, and I find it completely waterproof. Although it isnt very warm, its still a part of my essential kit. I wear it alot living on the south west coast of Ireland!!!!!
There are many other things that I love, but these are my top 6 at the moment...things change though and I'm sure they will change on a regular basis.

Im off to the Angling Show in Dublin at the weekend, look out for me and say hello. Check out the facebook page for the show here 

Tight Lines 
Eoin Angler
Co Kerry 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Interprovincials / Home Nations team

Friday 15th - Sunday 17th

The weather suited us as we made way for Wexford to fish in the 2016 Interprovincials.
After a long week of preparing the morning had finally come. 
We left for the five hour drive (it took us 7 :) leaving for Wexford at 11 and arriving at 6. Our delays included a stop at John O'Brien's shop Waterford Angling and several coffee breaks for the parents.

After the peg draw on Friday evening we were ready for the three competitions over 2 days. 

The first day was the hardest, we left the hotel early and didn't return until the early hours of Sunday morning. I was happy enough with the day comp results the night comp was where I struggled. I went to bed with high hopes for the next day. 

Another early start on the Sunday morning I was feeling tired but determined. it was worth the effort as I got a good result. 

In the evening we were brought into a room for the results, as we sat there the anticipation built up. 
The results were called, and I found it interesting how people were placed. 

Eventually my name was called and I was the 6th member of the team, I was delighted with my results for my first year. 

I have learnt so much over the weekend, only I really do wish I had done better, but its better to look forward than back. If i'm lucky and skilled enough to qualify for Munster Next year I will have a better idea on the whole competition. 

Tight Lines 
Eoin Angler 
Co Kerry